Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Here comes the day for nothing
Can tomorrow never come again
Here comes your empty talking
Empty words and empty soul
That no one tries to understand and hears me

Could it be that i am just a product
Of my own selfishness
I remember the things you said
That i am insensitive
If just can sees you, feel you
It's worth it all

I don't want to feel
Like you can't trust me
It's hard for me to stand
I knew that it was wrong
But i need to be on my own

Empty words and empty soul 2x
That no one tries to understand and hears me

If just can sees you feel you
It's worth it all..

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Would you stop counting
Would you stop breaking
I was tired of thinking
Would you please stop

Our life is mess up
My heart is shaking
The way your talking
I hate listening
Would you please stop

When i was with you
I felt the love you owe me is true
But part of it you made it blue
My heart beats so few

Here i am counting the past
Even though it's like a big blast
All I need right now is a trust
Even though no one can hold on
I know i can move on...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Unhappy Mood

You told me you love me,
When you don't even know me.
You said that you wouldn't leave
And I was so stupid to believe.

Now I had enough with all these tears,
With all the pain you gave me all these years.
Think twice if you think I can't replace you
Because now I saw the real person in you.

All those damn sweet words were just lies,
When you showered me with flowers and butterflies.
Honestly, now you don't mean anything at all to me,
But you could have meant everything to me.

All those flowers and butterflies are now dead.
Be sure to keep these important things in your head.
Because loving you was a risky thing to make,
But betraying me could be your worst mistake.