Monday, February 4, 2013

Missing You

Can you hear my prayers, I am hoping you do,
I've been down so long because I'm living without you,
I am shooken I'm confused I am lost without A clue,
Sometimes I wonder if they didn't take your life away,
Would I still be happy to this exact day, Probably not
because we all go through change, And now that you are gone,
I can't whipe these tears from my face, Let alone try to be happy
like everything was okay, But it's not and I really miss you Pa,
It sucks growing up knowing what you can't have.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Interest in Photography

I realize then the essence of a photograph - far more than preserving a certain scenario, far greater than creating a masterpiece in art. No, it serves a grander purpose – It is the story that it speaks. Yes, a photograph tells a story. It could be of joy, of hope, and of love. A story created not by mere imagination but by life itself in its purest beauty.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


by Inyourmind
Itoy kwento ng Pulitika sa aking bayang silanganan
Nakakalungkot nauwi ito sa isang larangan
Na ipinapataw laban sa mas nakakaraming mahihina at maralita
Ang mga interes ng iilang makapangyarihan at mayayaman.
Nakakaapekto ito sa pagpapatupad ng katarungan
Asan ang batas,pantay-pantay na pagpapatupad
Na baligtad sa pulitikal impluwensya at koneksyon
Binabayaran ang mga utang sa pamamagitan
Ng lagay ng mga taong kanilang pinagkakautangan sa matataas na posisyon
Sa gobyerno ng mismong nahalal na mga tangang opisyal,
Dapat bang talagang ganyan
Ang pamamahala at paglilingkod
Humanda na kau at isa isahin ko kayung mga espisyal
Isang bulag na katapatan ang naitala bilang isang pinakamahalagang batayan
Ang politika ay isa ring kapangyarihan ,
kapangyarihang kumontrol ng tao,
kapangyarihang magpatupad ng batas ng mga gago
kapangyarihang mapasama ang bayan ko
at kapangyarihang umimpluwensya.
Sa mata ng kabataan napaka gulo at napakarumi ng politika.
Kailan ka nga naman ba nakarinig ng magandang balita


Sa lipunan ngaun parang may sarili ng mundo
Mga kabataan Malaki na ang pagbabago
Sa huli mapapaisip ka ano na bang nangyari sa ating bayan?
Bakit nagkaganito ang ating kabataan?
Sino at saan nagkulang ang mga taong responsable
Ito’y mga katanungan sa ating mga sarili,
ngunit wala tayong magagawa dahil sa ang nasa kapangyarihan
at ang tangi lang nating magagawa ay palitan sila sa darating na halalan.

Tigib ang ating pamahalaan ng mga taong may kapit at may kapangyarihan,
mga taong walang ginawa kundi kumuha
ng kanilang mga sahod sa kalagitnaan at katapusan ng buwan.
Kaya nga maagang nawawalan ng gana at nanahimik na lang
Ang mga matapat sa mga karapat-dapat na magtalaga
ng mga opisyal at empleyado ng pamahalaan, o kaya, umaalis na lang nang tuluyan.
At lagi namang tinatakot , o kaya, kinain na lamang ng mismong sistema
Ang mga nagpasyang manatili kahit sa gitna ng pagkalito.
Ang magpahayag ng katotohanan
Sa paraang makabago na hindi kontrolado
Ng kapangyarihan ng salapi
Ang bawat katagang ibinibitaw ng isang mandirigmang makata,
Bawat simpleng pikot sa republikang ito ay nababahiran ng politika
Alinsabay ng mga aspetong pampulitika at ekonomiya..
Sa esensya ay sa kubuuan ng sistema ng gobyernong daan taon ng nabubulok.
Na prang ipot sa bawat ulo ng filipino
Kilan tayu mamumulat Sa larangan ng pulitika
Kung susuriin ang ating kongreso
Dumadami na ang mga TRAPO

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Miss My Father

My Father Died January 02 2009,Though I will always be the boy whose love for you is my sad joy, the time has come for me to say "Goodbye".Finally your death I have accepted!I will go on proud with my life be the man - to be i was destined enjoying the happiness I deserve. Heaven Knows I miss you!!!!Miss you Pa ",)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Own Life Story

I wish I never changed.. My childhood has always been better than what I am right now.. Because right now, the more you say something, the more you commit a mistake and will create a big scar on what was seemed to be a beautiful and contented life you have.. When I was a little boy, I always thought that I have the most perfect life anyone could ever want.. We're not that rich as other people but I can have anything I want, eat whatever food I like, do whatever I thought of doing.. It seemed perfect for me until an unfortunate event took its place and made my life miserable.. Well, not as miserable as homeless kids are experiencing.. I'm still lucky in a way.. I have a share of mistakes that i don't want to remember because it just tears me up inside.. Right now, i just want to have the thing that is so called life because i think i lost it somewhere..
My life hasn't been the same as before.. Many changes have been made and I don't know if it's a good thing or not.. It's true that sometimes, you must have to sacrifice things that are really important to you to gain something that will make a difference.. I have lived a life full of regrets that sometimes I just feel that I want to return to the past and change the things that could have made an important part in my life right now.. But I guess that's how life plays its part.. It will give you a chance to pick from two choices that will lead to two different results.. It will either make or break your personality, spirit and wholeness.. The choice will always be final.. And in this life, one rule can stand as a philosophy of everyone.. "no one can help yourself but you.. so live your life the way you want it.. make choices and never look back.. Life is full of surprises that no one can experience but you..
Right now, I'm in a situation where a boy should be a man and stand on his own just to face this unfair world.. I have to gather all the strength that I have inside me just to pull out of a mess casted upon me.. A curse that I cannot fight but I must.. I am just lucky to have my wife called the "angel" who is pushing my back, patting my shoulder, giving advices, gives a helping hand when I'm in need.. It has made me push through life when everything around me is like a stagnant water in a swamp.. I'm thankful for having such a wonderful gift in my life.. Life has given me a lifetime friendship that I can treasure till my last breath..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Astig Pinoy Memories

Long Live Astig Pinoy!!!!

Long Live Astig Pinoy!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

"Stupidity" for a mistake descision

I remember a time where I had convinced myself that a decision I had made was the right one. I refused to listen to the criticisms of others and expected that they just follow my expectations. As things began to fall apart and always failed to achieve any success, I didn't know what to do. After all was said and done, I had lost everything my career my goal to a life that i should be.Sometimes, other people are right. Being in charge on our lives doesn't always mean you are. I later reminds me for the mistake of failing to listen to the efforts of the others. Admitting your own mistakes and learning from those mistakes is another important challenge I have faced since i am here in the Philippines I remember when i am in iraq my friends told me that just to stay in balad and look for a job but my i make my decision to go home.I realized through that going home is opportunity that you are not always right. I'm not sure I know where to begin. I could certainly tell you about the typical challenges, but I think I have three major ones that have always tested me: learning what doing the right thing really means; admitting my own mistakes; and recognizing that we all have something to learn. I guess that may seem simple, but I can't begin to tell you how often these three things keep challenging me. I truly believe that ignorance can be corrected. Life is a learning experience. It's the stupid mistakes that tend to haunt us.Another contributing factor in my life has been the lesson of no job.Being without work is not always easy,I think that this is when we really test the strength of beliefs and how committed to them we are. We can learn a great deal from friends and family, but its not until you stand up for something that you really test the foundations that have been given to you.What have been some of the most significant influences on my personal moral values and beliefs? While many different people shape our lives, I believe for me they are God, family, and friends. There are certainly others, but these are the most obvious. I know it's a simple answer, but it's the truth. My faith, family and friends have all contributed to my success and provided a support system throughout my life. But there are also those people I met only once, or a few times who taught just as much. It was the one thing they said, or their actions, and sometimes their presence. Sometimes, these things were positive, but not always. I believe that we learn from others positive contributions as well their mistakes, especially our own. All of us can succeed, but it's the times we've learned about our failures that make doing the right thing meaningful.