Friday, December 11, 2009

"Stupidity" for a mistake descision

I remember a time where I had convinced myself that a decision I had made was the right one. I refused to listen to the criticisms of others and expected that they just follow my expectations. As things began to fall apart and always failed to achieve any success, I didn't know what to do. After all was said and done, I had lost everything my career my goal to a life that i should be.Sometimes, other people are right. Being in charge on our lives doesn't always mean you are. I later reminds me for the mistake of failing to listen to the efforts of the others. Admitting your own mistakes and learning from those mistakes is another important challenge I have faced since i am here in the Philippines I remember when i am in iraq my friends told me that just to stay in balad and look for a job but my i make my decision to go home.I realized through that going home is opportunity that you are not always right. I'm not sure I know where to begin. I could certainly tell you about the typical challenges, but I think I have three major ones that have always tested me: learning what doing the right thing really means; admitting my own mistakes; and recognizing that we all have something to learn. I guess that may seem simple, but I can't begin to tell you how often these three things keep challenging me. I truly believe that ignorance can be corrected. Life is a learning experience. It's the stupid mistakes that tend to haunt us.Another contributing factor in my life has been the lesson of no job.Being without work is not always easy,I think that this is when we really test the strength of beliefs and how committed to them we are. We can learn a great deal from friends and family, but its not until you stand up for something that you really test the foundations that have been given to you.What have been some of the most significant influences on my personal moral values and beliefs? While many different people shape our lives, I believe for me they are God, family, and friends. There are certainly others, but these are the most obvious. I know it's a simple answer, but it's the truth. My faith, family and friends have all contributed to my success and provided a support system throughout my life. But there are also those people I met only once, or a few times who taught just as much. It was the one thing they said, or their actions, and sometimes their presence. Sometimes, these things were positive, but not always. I believe that we learn from others positive contributions as well their mistakes, especially our own. All of us can succeed, but it's the times we've learned about our failures that make doing the right thing meaningful.

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